Welcome to our site! Our names are Joseph and Nicholas, and we are two brothers from Colombia, South America, with a real passion for photography and design. We created this website to expose our dedication to the art, and to share a big part of who we are. 


We completed several years of studies in various related fields in South America. Along with that, we have accumulated a significant amount of experience both in South America, as well as where we are currently located, in North America. On our page you will find that our approach is extensively versatile, and we actively look forward to the opportunity of working with a diverse set of people.


Separately, we each have a set of skills, strengths, and ideas that are very specific and relevant to each individual, and we have mastered working together. This is one of abounding characteristics that make us unique. We work as a team to cater to the requests, desires, and needs of each consumer. Among other characteristics that make us unique lies our ability to thoroughly understand cultural differences. This is accredited to our experience so far. Ultimately our style can be easily described as fresh, daring, and exclusive.

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